Beezinga is developing early warning analytical web and mobile based system to help industrial and large beekeepers to optimize production and detect issues in beehives with automated data collection.


Bees have immense impact on human kind, since bees are very successful pollinators. Therefore, beekeepers are performing great public service by beekeeping. Unfortunately, in recent years beekeepers are experiencing huge declines in beehive numbers.

Consequently, beekeepers are required to invest more time and money for the same end result. And that is the main reason they are in need of production line optimization.


The main goal of Beezinga is to allow understanding of events in apiaries as if beekeepers were on site. Data gathering and analysis is completely automated. The focus is on larger professional beekeepers with multiple remote locations.


Hardware for data gathering is specifically designed for easy deployment by beekeepers. Appropriate for standardized beehives.

Tech tool

Beekeepers use wide variety of tools. However, Beezinga’s aim is to position ourselves as tech tool for beekeeper in XXI century, allowing beekeepers to take care of bees when bees need it the most.

Bee care

Beezinga is focused on production process optimization. We hope that as a side product Beezinga will help beekeepers improve living conditions of bee families.

Data Gathering

Data gathering is completely automated after hardware installation. Furthermore, Beezinga team is giving specific attention to avoid any interference with daily bee processes.

Data analysis

Data analysis is in essence heart and core of Beezinga. Working in cooperation with experts in the field to deliver useful tools in daily beekeeping practice.

Easy insight for users

Beezinga allows beekeepers easy insight into raw collected data and obtained information through web and mobile application. With emphasis on early notification for our mobile users.

As of 2016 no one is actively pursuing this as viable business.